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Dog Shows, Trials and Field Events give dogs and their owners the ability to have fun, show off their training, and experience teamwork.


Obedience trials test a dog’s ability to perform a set of scored exercises. In each exercise, you and your dog must score more than 50% of the possible points and get a total score of a least 170 out of a possible 200. Each time your dog gets a qualifying score of at least 170, he’s gotten a "leg" toward his title. Three legs and your dog has become an obedience titled dog.


In an agility trial a dog demonstrates its ability to negotiate a course which may include a jumping through and over objects, walking over a bridge, going through tunnels and pausing on command. There are also different height categories.


Lure coursing trials consist of dogs following a lure around a course on an open field. The lure is generally a white plastic bag, meant to simulate a rabbit. Coursing dogs are scored on speed, enthusiasm, agility, endurance and their ability to follow the lure.


Field events test the skill and instinct of sporting breeds. A hunt test is an event where the natural ability and training of gun dogs are evaluated against a written standard. Each dog that meets this standard earns a "pass".

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